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  • Tips for Teleworking Success

    With COVID-19 spreading rapidly, many folks around base are being asked to telework a few days a week to reduce the amount of people on base. Here are some tips to improve your productivity and make working from home feel like, well, a home office.
  • It doesn’t have to be Groundhog Day for Airmen to gain in today’s pain

    Here are 9 tips to ensure that we make it through this financially intact as a family and stronger as a society.
  • Coping resources during COVID-19

    I know these are challenging times for us all. I wanted to reach out to remind Dobbins ARB of the services provided through your Director of Psychological Health (DPH) as well as nationwide resources.
  • What to Do if A Bear Market Bears Down on Airmen?

    With the recent meltdown which included the biggest point drop in stock market history and the fastest 10% correction, what do I do now with my TSP and other investment funds?For much of the last 2 years at Dobbins, I have been insistent that we are in the late stages of this current economic cycle, which has featured the longest, if not the
  • Santa, Mrs. Claus arrive at Dobbins on a C-130

    Operation Santa Lift returned to Hangar 5 during the December drill weekend. Santa, Mrs. Claus and a team of special helpers created an atmosphere where Airmen and their families could enjoy festive activities, crafts and plenty of sweet treats.
  • 10 Ways to Keep the Year End Tax Turkey at Bay While Enlisted in the Military

    The first decision an Airman should make is to decide whether itemizing still makes sense for you. If you are a business owner, there are a number of legitimate ways to transfer business-related income.
  • Don’t Pull Your Hair Out on 2018 TSP Results

    Today, after listening to Blackrock, the sole FERS TSP managing company, provide their outlook for 2019, I am convinced there is no reason to pull hairs again in 2019. The main investment concern, according to Chairman Larry Fink, will shift from central bank policy concerning an overheating economy to geopolitical risk with BREXIT and a slowing
  • Dobbins bids farewell to action-packed 2017

    They say time flies when you’re having fun. Time certainly flew in tandem with Dobbins’ increased operations tempo for 2017.Thinking back on all the accomplishments and opportunities to demonstrate superior air power, Dobbins has a lot to be proud of regarding its impact here and abroad.The first major event that comes to mind is the mass
  • If I’m deployed, how will Santa find me?

    When I was a kid, I’d often travel from North Carolina to Georgia to spend Christmas with my grandparents. Although I was eager to arrive so I could eat my weight in freshly baked oatmeal cookies, there was one concern that would inevitably fill me with dread: if I’m not at my official home of record in Santa’s database, how would he know where to
  • Run for the thrills: 5 steps to get you on the road to enjoying running

    I can remember early on in my military career having delusions of grandeur – actually it dates back to shortly before taking my oath of enlistment. My recruiter told me to start exercising regularly to prepare for boot camp, since I’d be shipping out in a matter of weeks. I told him not to worry as I lit a cigarette, filling my grungy lungs with