22nd Air Force

Headquarters, 22nd Air Force, Dobbins Air Reserve Base,Georgia, is one of three numbered air forces in Air Force Reserve Command. 22nd AF is responsible for recruiting and training reservists and for maintaining subordinate units at the highest level of combat readiness. Our mission - Provide Combat Ready Forces - compels us in our daily interaction as we partner with active duty air force by providing combat ready airmen to combatant commanders. Our vision - 22 AF will remain a ready, relevant and responsive integrated force providing leadership and advocacy while meeting dynamic challenges - lends itself to our purpose and sustainability as we maintain a highly valued force that serves to perpetuate the defense of our great nation.

Resources assigned to 22nd Air Force:

15,500 Reservists in 30 states
 9 C-130 Unit Equipped Wings

7 Subordinate Units:

     --- 1 C-130 Airlift Group
     --- 1 Flight Test Group
     --- 1 Flying Training Group
     --- 1 Civil Engineering Group
     --- 2 Reserve Support Squadrons
     --- 1 Security Forces Squadron

106 Assigned C-130 Aircraft

3 Unique DoD Missions:

     ---Hurricane Hunters 
    ---Modular Aerial Spray System (MASS)
     ---Modular Aerial Fire Fighting System (MAFFS mission shared with ANG)

For more information on the 22 AF, visit their official website here.