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  • Juneteenth: A Holiday of Service and Remembrance at Dobbins

    Every Airman has taken the creed, which includes having a tradition of honor and being a guardian of freedom and justice. Those segments of the Airman’s Creed were recently on full display. In remembrance of Juneteenth, Airmen from the 622nd Training Squadron held a fellowship event sharing the

  • The Revitalization of the Dobbins Consolidated Club

    In 2020, a once bustling dining hall sat empty, its dining hall devoid of customers. Masked workers went about their jobs in the kitchen filled with food going to waste from the drop in their customer base.The change occurred overnight. Staff went from interacting with smiling, sit-in customers to

  • Senior NCO of the Year

    The 94th Airlift Wing Annual Award winners have been finalized. The categories include Field Grade Officer, Company Grade Officer, First Sergeant, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer, Airman, Civilian and Team of the Year. Applicants prepared and submitted awards packages to be

  • Dobbins takes Cope North 22

    Dobbins’ Airmen and C-130s participated in exercise Cope North 2022 at Andersen Air Base, Guam and outlying islands Feb. 18-22, 2022.Cope North is a three-week defense planning exercise that enhances U.S. relationships with regional allies and partners. Exercise operations foster the exchange of

  • John Collins visits Dobbins for tree lighting festivities

    A tree lighting ceremony took place here Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021. The ceremony was attended by several organizations and individuals, including Atlanta Hawks basketball player, John Collins.“It’s always been a dream of mine to be an Airman, so I really support what you guys do,,” said Collins. “I

  • Building stronger leaders through NCO University

    NCOU provides in-depth analysis of what it takes to be a leader in the military. Future applicants can expect to learn bullet writing skills for Enlisted Performance Reports, Airman Comprehensive Assessments and how to apply for awards. Students expand their knowledge of the enlisted tier,

  • Overcoming obstacles: From escaping Soviet Union to U.S. Air Force chaplain

    Although Chaplain (Maj.) Olga Westfall, 94th Airlift Wing chaplain, provides spiritual services during unit training assemblies, it has not always been that way for her.Westfall was born in Dnepropetrovsk, found in Eastern Ukraine in the late 60’s. During her time as part of the Soviet Union, the

  • Combat Metals Flight sculpts from scrap

    At nearly seven feet tall, the iron behemoth towers menacingly over everyone, armed to its crooked metal teeth with a 40mm Gatling gun, steel-clawed feet, chain-link flail, and sinister telescopic eyes. But this isn’t the rise of the machines – it’s a scrap metal sculpture designed and created by

  • Recovering hope: Airmen help Japanese rebuild Sendai Airport

    In the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, Sendai Airport was a disaster -- cars littered the runway, debris had piled up inside the terminal, there was no power.Sendai Airport was written off by many as gone forever. That is, until Airmen stationed in Japan arrived there to help.

  • Disabled vets discover 'miracle on mountain'

    Sheila James threw her arms up in joy, flashing a smile that stretched from ear to ear as she celebrated a personal victory during the 25th National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic here March 29.A motor vehicle rollover in 2009 turned the former senior airman's life upside-down, landing her