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     94th AW Customer Service
     (678) 655-3835 DSN 625
     Toll Free: 1 (888) 436-2246, ext. 4880

     Scheduled to perform your first Unit Training Assembly (UTA) this month?
     Saturday: Report in duty uniform (if you have one) to Bldg 838, Rm 2107 no later than 0730 for Newcomer Orientation.
     This is a mandatory formation. If you are unable to attend this UTA, or have any questions concerning your in-processing,
     contact Tech. Sgt Jack in Personnel Employment at (678) 655-4882, 1-888-436-2246, ext. 4882, or DSN 625-4882/5674.

     Live outside the DARB commuting area?
     You are entitled to govt quarters for Friday and Saturday nights of the UTA (military members only, dependents must make
     other arrangements off base). To determine room eligibility, contact the Billeting Office at (678) 655-4745 or 1-888-436-2246,
     ext. 4745, prior to the UTA. To register, you will need to present a copy of your assignment order and/or the letter you receive
     in the mail from this organization, to the desk clerk upon check-in for your first UTA. Billeting is located in Bldg 800.

     First meal
     Breakfast is served (no charge) on Saturday from 0630-0730 at the Dining Hall, Bldg 813. You will need to show your military
     ID card or a copy of your assignment orders.

     It contains items that you should bring with you, if applicable. It is very important you bring complete mailing addresses for
     each beneficiary you will be designating during your in processing.


     *Bring Original and (1) copy
     •Marriage Certificate
     •Divorce Decree
     •Birth Certificate (s) for children under 21 years of age who are dependent on you for support
     •DD 214, Certificate of Release
     •Child Support Award Papers
     •Checking or Savings Account No. and Bank Routing Number for Mandatory Direct Deposit
          (Copy of Deposit Slip or Voice Check for Direct Deposit)
     •Complete addresses for family beneficiaries
     •NGB 22, Separation for Nat'l Guard
     •Orders for any potentially missing decorations
     •Any other forms/docs you think may be helpful with in-processing
     •Military Records (such as):
     ◦AF10 Unit Personnel Record Group
     ◦Medical / Dental

Driving on Base

    Seatbelts are mandatory on the Dobbins complex. The first time a person is caught not wearing a seatbelt,
    the punishment is two points assessed to the base driving record. For the second offense, there is a 30-day
    suspension of driving privileges for full-time civilians or two unit training assemblies for guardsmen and reservists.
    The third offense is a one year suspension of on-base driving privileges. Be sure to buckle up. It's the law!

Speed limit sign  Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit on Dobbins ARB is 25 mph. Pedestrians have 
  the right of way in all cases. All base traffic regulations are strictly enforced by a number of patrol
  cars equipped with speed detection devices.