Equal Opportunity Office

Our Mission: The Air Force Equal Opportunity Program ensures employment opportunity for all military members, civilian employees, and applicants for employment.  The program is a function of Air Force leadership and command. It provides outreach, training, and assistance through Alternative Dispute Resolution, civilian equal employment opportunity complaint processing, military equal opportunity complaint processing, reasonable accommodation, personal assistance services, human relations education, the Affirmative Employment Program, Special Emphasis Programs, and other related services and initiatives. The purpose of the Air Force Equal Opportunity Program is to prohibit and eradicate all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and reprisal, and to foster a positive human relations climate, which promotes the full realization of equality of opportunity to all.  The Air Force Equal Opportunity Program supports the continuous efforts of the Air Force to be a model employer and a lethal force.


Applicability:  Military personnel, their family members, and retirees may file complaints through the military equal opportunity complaint process.


Protections for Military Employees:  The military equal opportunity informal and formal complaint processes address allegations of unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, sexual harassment, and religion.  The right to non-discrimination on the basis of religion includes the right to reasonable accommodation of one’s religious beliefs and practices.


Anonymous Complaints:  Military members who visit the Installation Equal Opportunity Office cannot choose to remain anonymous.


Zero Tolerance for Unlawful Discrimination or Harassment:  It is the policy of the United States Government, the Department of Defense, and the Air Force not to condone or tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment of any kind.  This zero-tolerance policy ensures that once unlawful discrimination or harassment is alleged, immediate and appropriate action is taken to investigate and resolve the allegations, and that unlawful behavior is stopped. Any Airman, military or civilian, who engages in unlawful discriminatory practices or harassment of any kind may face disciplinary action.   Air Force equal opportunity policy compliance is a function of leadership and command.  Leaders and commanders will ensure all types of unlawful discrimination or harassment are stopped, and behavior corrected as soon as possible once they are made aware.


Bullying and Hazing:  While not a form of unlawful harassment under equal opportunity law, bullying and hazing activities as defined by DoDI 1020.03, Harassment Prevention and Response in the Armed Forces, are also prohibited forms of conduct.  Bullying includes acts of aggression with the intent of harming a person either physically or psychologically without a proper military or governmental purpose.  Hazing includes conduct which physically or psychologically injures or creates a risk of injury without a proper military or governmental purpose for the initiation into, admission into, affiliation with, change in status or position within, or a condition for continued membership in any military or Department of Defense civilian organization.

Services & Training Rendered


1-hour mandatory briefing for military and civilians at their first permanent duty station. Provides in-depth lesson of EO issues and rights of complainant. Personnel must attend within 30 duty-days of arrival.



Familiarize Commanders, First Sergeants, Command Chief Master Sergeants, and others in key positions of local human relations climates and the wing's EO programs.



Upon Commanders’ request. Focuses on sexual harassment awareness including strategies for preventing and addressing work place harassment.



Upon Commanders’ request. Provide tools necessary to understand that cultural differences exist in the Air Force and are vital to mission accomplishment.



Unit Climate Assessments

EO Complaints

     Focus Groups

      Team Building Exercises

    Special Observance/Awareness Month Events

         Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Contact Info

Phone: 678-655-5042

DSN: 655-5042

Office Email: 94aw.mev3@us.af.mil



94th AW/MEO

1430 First Street

Bldg. 838, Room 1410


EO Director:

MSgt Brandon Hosley

EO Specialist:




The 94 Equal Opportunity Office staff are all TRs’ and are physically in the office during UTA weekends.

Virtual counseling is available.