Glorifying God, Serving Airmen, Pursuing Excellence

94 AW/HC

Chaplain’s Office

1430 First Street, Room 1406

COMM 678-655-CHAP (2427)

DSN 625-CHAP (2427)

In case of emergency outside of UTA, please contact the Command Post at 678-655-5106

Connect with us on SharePoint:

Go to the Wing SharePoint site, scroll over 94 AW, scroll down to Wing Staff, click on 94 AW Chaplain.


Our Mission

To train and supply readily-deployable Religious Support Teams that provide excellent, highly responsive, spiritual care to the members and families of the 94th Airlift Wing, and reliable, timely, and professional advice to commanders on matters of religious support or accommodation, and unit morale & welfare.

Core Capabilities

We provide spiritual care and ensure the constitutional right to the free exercise of religion for Airmen and their families, in our military work centers, at home and deployed.

Advise Leadership

Inform Air Force leaders on matters related to religious, spiritual, ethical, moral, and morale concerns and advocate for the religious and spiritual needs of Airmen and their families.

Spiritual Care

Meeting the diverse spiritual needs of Airmen and their families.

Programs & Services

UTA Sunday Protestant Services

0715 – Bldg 838, Heritage Hall

0800 – Bldg 733, 80 APS

UTA Sunday Catholic Mass

0900 – Bldg 600, National Guard Chapel (call our office before you go)

Other Faith Groups

Call the Chaplain’s Office for more information.

Religious Literature Library

Religious literature for a variety of faith groups.


100% Confidentiality counseling is available by appointment or walk in.

Religious Accommodation

We advise commanders on matters of religious accommodation.

Uniform Lending Closet (HRDC sponsored)

Missing a uniform item? We may have one you can borrow. Stop by to see if we have what you need. Uniform donations are also accepted.

Highlights From Previous Needs Assessment


Major Stress Areas

Physical Fitness (25%)

Workplace (23%)

Finances (20%)

Relationships (16%)

Grief/Loss (8%)

Top 10 Identified Religious Groups On Base

Protestant                                                             1,314

No Religious Preference                                        325

Roman Catholic                                                       185

Agnostic                                                                      16

Atheist                                                                        14

Jewish                                                                         11

Muslim                                                                        10

Latter Day Saints                                                         8

Buddhist                                                                       7

Unitarian Universalist                                                4

The Spiritual Pillar


The importance of Spiritual Fitness to the American warfighter has been recognized since the Chaplain Corps was officially created on July 29, 1775 by the Continental Congress. Spirituality is an individual conviction and expression of beliefs that give a person meaning and value. Spirituality can be expressed religiously as well as non-religiously.

The Air Force is dedicated to creating an environment in which people can practice their spirituality without prejudice. Mutual respect is an essential part of Air Force culture.

Did you know?

A Strong Spiritual Pillar leads to:

More of this:

Marital happiness & stability

Longevity & physical health

Well-being & happiness

Self control & self esteem

Stronger coping skills

Community cohesion & social support

Higher recovery rates from addictions

Less of this:


Teen sexual activity

Alcohol & drug abuse

Suicide, suicidal ideation & depression


Spiritual Fitness Checklist

Increase knowledge in your faith

Exercise spiritual reflection/prayer

Find others with whom you can exercise your spiritual fitness

If other Airmen criticize your spirituality, don’t rush to judgment. Try to handle at the personal level and use it as an opportunity to discuss the importance of Spiritual Fitness and why it matters to you. Recognize that not everyone values the Spiritual Pillar and that, in the end, you may agree to disagree.*

*If unable to resolve & you feel your rights have been infringed upon, report the complaint to your chain of command, as appropriate.

Spiritual Self-Assessment

Please answer the following questions to yourself:

Who did you treat better – your spouse or your peers/subordinates?

Are you secretly pleased when someone else fails?

Are you secretly annoyed when someone else succeeds?

Are you prone to bitterness?

Do you have any habits that are harmful to the people you love?

Is there evidence that you are more spiritually fit this year than last?

How often do you participate in religious or spiritual activities?

Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Annually?

For weddings/funerals? Holidays only? Not at all?

Do you keep your word and do what you say you will do?

Would your family/friends agree with your answer?

Do you pull your fair share of the workload?

Do you have unmet spiritual or religious needs that we can help meet?

If you you’d like to discuss your answers, please contact the Chaplain’s Office at 678-655-CHAP (2427)

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