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  • Airmen with a capital “A

    Just a few years ago, the U.S. Air Force put together a monumental effort to celebrate our diamond anniversary. Sixty years of technological superiority, aerial heroism and soaring accomplishments were marked by worldwide celebrations and national pride. Throughout all of the editorials and advertisements, and the tremendous work applied by those
  • Are you an Airman?

    Are you an Airman? Honestly? It seems like a pretty easy question. I wear the Air Force uniform. I work on an Air Force base. I get paid twice a month by the Air Force. I must be an Airman, right? Well, maybe. However, I believe being an Airman is a bit more than what you wear, where you work and who pays you.The thought for this commentary came to
  • Straight from the heart

    Forty-five years ago this month, an event took place that determined the path of my life. This article is a tribute to that event, and I would like to recognize the efforts of American Heart Association officials in battling heart disease, the brilliant medical professionals who have made remarkable advances in cardiac surgery, the amazing Navy
  • Keeping priorities and values in check through 'FAMILY'

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! Those who know me well know that I am not one to mince words on leadership, as there are so many styles and great leaders in the Air Force and the world today. Every now and then you come across a commentary that is EXACTLY in line with your vision and expectations as a leader. This is one of them. Have
  • Commentary: AFRC commander sends holiday wishes

    As we enter the holiday season and prepare for the new year, I want to thank you, your families and your employers for the many sacrifices made this year for our great nation.The holidays provide all of us an opportunity to thank our friends and families for their support throughout the year. To the men and women who are able to celebrate the
  • Don't stall on the 'all'

    "Excellence in all we do" it's one of our Air Force core values. Along with integrity first and service before self, it is intended to guide every one of our actions whether we're in the cockpit, on the flightline, at the military personnel flight counter or in a medical clinic. In my more than 15 years of Air Force service, I have frequently heard
  • Veterans Day: A time to reflect

    The historical significance of Veterans Day, celebrated annually on November 11 each year, takes us back to November 11, 1918. A cessation of hostilities took place between Allied nations and Germany on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of that year, bringing about the beginning of the end of World War I. In November 1919,
  • Go the extra mile

    Going the extra mile in our jobs should be the norm rather than the exception. Too many times people shy away from this concept and give their work sections a feeling of being unionized. They adopt the mentality of "It's not my job, so why should I do it?" It can be frustrating when you try to get something done and the only reply you get is
  • Give the gift of less worry

    It's probably the most meaningful gift you can give your family. This is not a typical gift in a box with a pretty little bow and a name tag. This is a gift that will last well beyond the wrapping paper and the holidays. It's the gift of preparedness. Preparing for emergencies and life changing events now will allow your family to focus on other
  • Different perspective changes attitude

    As a videographer on active duty and a public affairs specialist stationed here as a Reservist, I have had the pleasure of seeing almost every job in the Air Force. I have talked to and videotaped aircraft mechanics, security forces, civil engineers, pilots and many others. Multiple opportunities have been given to me from being a passenger in