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  • Safety culture

    During the investigation following the 1986 Chernobyl power plant (nuclear)disaster in the Ukraine, investigators identified a "poor safety culture" ascontributory. In a similarly titled article in this month's edition ofSafety+Health Magazine, the author tries to identify what exactly "safetyculture" means. Quite honestly, a debate has ensued as
  • Respect for a fallen Soldier

    As I stood on the flightline, countless thoughts raced through my mind as I looked over the crowd. I gazed at the multitude - Airmen, Soldiers, civilians, and veterans - and my heart leapt with pride. For although we represented several uniformed services and many different backgrounds, we were all unified for one purpose - to honor and respect our
  • Georgia governor signs two new distracted driving bills into law

    Greetings from your Wing Safety Office. Several years ago, my daughter was driving in our neighborhood and knocked down a neighbor's mailbox. In a bit of a panic, she rushed home, admitted the accident to my wife and me, and we sent her back to notify our neighbor and offer to have the mailbox fixed. Later she confessed to us she had been texting
  • A "good grilling" from the safety officer

    Greetings from your Wing Safety Office. I hope you all enjoyed a fun and safe Independence Day holiday with family and friends celebrating the birth of this great nation. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers our deployed military members who were not able to share this holiday time with family and friends as they continue to support and defend
  • Supervisors may need to evaluate themselves

    In my 28 years of service I have found that supervisors usually fall into one of two categories: bad or good. I know, you are thinking that is two very basic categories to place supervisors in but I have found it to be true in most cases. Fortunately, all but three of my supervisors fell into the "good" category. Below you will find an example of
  • Be proud of what you do

    March is Women's History Month...a time when have the opportunity to look back at all the accomplishments, strides forward and remarkable women in history. In honor of that I would like to address my fellow women who serve with me.I have served for almost 28 years and am coming up on the final chapters of my career. I have seen so many changes over
  • Airmen with a capital “A

    Just a few years ago, the U.S. Air Force put together a monumental effort to celebrate our diamond anniversary. Sixty years of technological superiority, aerial heroism and soaring accomplishments were marked by worldwide celebrations and national pride. Throughout all of the editorials and advertisements, and the tremendous work applied by those
  • Are you an Airman?

    Are you an Airman? Honestly? It seems like a pretty easy question. I wear the Air Force uniform. I work on an Air Force base. I get paid twice a month by the Air Force. I must be an Airman, right? Well, maybe. However, I believe being an Airman is a bit more than what you wear, where you work and who pays you.The thought for this commentary came to
  • Straight from the heart

    Forty-five years ago this month, an event took place that determined the path of my life. This article is a tribute to that event, and I would like to recognize the efforts of American Heart Association officials in battling heart disease, the brilliant medical professionals who have made remarkable advances in cardiac surgery, the amazing Navy
  • Keeping priorities and values in check through 'FAMILY'

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! Those who know me well know that I am not one to mince words on leadership, as there are so many styles and great leaders in the Air Force and the world today. Every now and then you come across a commentary that is EXACTLY in line with your vision and expectations as a leader. This is one of them. Have