Dobbins bids farewell to action-packed 2017

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Andrew Park
  • 94th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Time certainly flew in tandem with Dobbins’ increased operations tempo for 2017.

Thinking back on all the accomplishments and opportunities to demonstrate superior air power, Dobbins has a lot to be proud of regarding its impact here and abroad.

The first major event that comes to mind is the mass deployment of Airmen and aircraft in support of contingency operations overseas. Nearly a quarter of the wing deployed along with several aircraft which was responsible for flying much needed resources to the front lines in the fight against ISIS.

The wing also supported missions at home, as Dobbins served as a hub for FEMA operations after several hurricanes bombarded the Caribbean. The flight line was full of everything from semi-trucks to C-5 Super Galaxies, along with personnel from a variety of government and non-government organizations.

Dobbins even partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to assist a child in living his dream of becoming an astronaut.

Atlanta was also abuzz with activity this year, completing construction on the new home for the Braves, SunTrust Park, right here in Dobbins’ backyard. Members from around Dobbins volunteered to unfurl the flag on the field during the Braves’ pre-game Fourth of July celebration.

Beyond our backyard, Georgia is quickly rising in notoriety as a top filming location, with some affectionately referring to it as Y’allywood. Dobbins recently served as a backdrop to a major motion picture, Pitch Perfect 3, where production crews changed the appearance of the base to look like Rota, Spain.

While film crews constructed movie sets, Dobbins was busy with construction of its own as it made a few major improvements. The base club got a new outdoor patio and the base track was resurfaced, complete with Air Force logos stenciled throughout.

A special guest also dropped in on Dobbins this year. During his visit, Vice President Mike Pence recognized Dobbins as the largest joint service training Reserve base in the world. He also pledged his and the administration’s full support of military service members and national defense.

In addition to Dobbins serving as a backdrop for movies and local news, everyone’s favorite scene might have been the almost unexpected snowfall. It was quite surreal to see the C-130s blanketed in a layer of snow out on the runway just in time for the holidays.

Looking back on all the wing has accomplished can only inspire us to look forward to next year where we’re sure to receive more opportunities to excel. For nearly 70 years, Reserve Citizen Airmen at Dobbins have been the cornerstone of the success in defending the nation by providing mission-ready forces.

Here’s to another year of flying, fighting and winning.