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  • Parade of Air Force Heritage

    Combine colorful floats, marching bands, an enthusiastic, patriotic crowd, add a dash of Air Force heritage and finish with an evening of top-class entertainment, and you have the recipe for good holiday memories, Southern style. This year's July 4th celebration in downtown Atlanta certainly was that and much more. It began with the 47th annual
  • Wing members run in Peachtree Road Race for Air Force 60th

    As the national anthem ended, a pair of A-10s roared overhead, the crowd cheered, and 50 Airmen from the 94th Airlift Wing took their places for the start of the 38th Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia. They joined 55,000 other men, women and children who ran or walked in the race on July 4, which has grown in popularity since the Atlanta
  • Students honored for essays

    Nine Atlanta area students received special recognition in a ceremony here May 21 for their winning entries in the Heritage to Horizons essay contest. Officials from the Air Force Reserve presented donated prizes to each student. Elementary School Winners and Awards: 3rd place winner: $100 cash award, Dobbins 56 Group organization Deon T. Geiger,
  • Another world away

    Believe it or not, getting shot at and living in constant danger wasn't all that hard to get used to - he'd trained for that - it was the environment that really got to him. The place was scrub-brush, desert and thin mountain air that could be as hot as Death Valley or colder than Denver. He didn't know he'd be here when he signed up and he didn't
  • The Price of Freedom

    Freedom comes at a cost. It always has, and always will. As Benjamin Franklin said: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." America has held true to this philosophy more than any other country in the history of mankind! Our men have battled and failed, bled and conquered.
  • Heritage to Horizons

    Since the Air Force separated ftom the Army in the 1940's, it has continued to advance. It uses more powerful weapons such as laser guided missiles. The Air Force is doing its best in creating new and more powerful weapons such as the laser guided missile and the 2000 miles per hour jet that shoots the missile. lhe jet is called the C.1.30 and can
  • Go Where Your Eyes Take You

    My grandmother, Helen Reiber, was a teenager when she sat in the piercing cold in the Polish countryside. News had just arrived about the Holocaust's arrival in her small village. Her tears turned to pebbles of ice when her mother told her to run as quickly as possible from anything she's ever known. When my grandmother asked how she would have the