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  • Airmen of the 94th AW focus on readiness

    You've gone through basic training. You've attended the appropriate tech schools and you've studiously completed your required ancillary training. You've learned first-aid and you can don your gas mask (with the hood) within seven seconds flat. These things reflect your commitment for duty and the professional guidance of your trainers and
  • Combat pilot shares adventure with 700th AS

    The word hero is thrown around a lot today, often used to describe athletes - the baseball, football and basketball players that children idolize. Some servicemembers here recently had the privilege of meeting another hero. Some would say a "true" hero. He's not a football player, not a firefighter, and not even an Iraq or Afghanistan war veteran,
  • Who recruits recruiters?

    The Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service is actively seeking applicants to fill recruiting positions in locations across the globe. "We're always looking for enthusiastic, qualified people. If you are motivated to excel, perform above the status quo, and are physically and morally fit this could be the career move you've been looking for,"
  • ORI prep needs sense of urgency

    When I played high school football I remember an incident at a practice when my team was just kind of going through the motions. I think most players were thinking that there was no reason to "overdo it" and that we should save our best for the actual game. Well I can tell you that this only happened one time! As a result, my coach took us through
  • Higher education important to many reservists

    For many service members, their decision to join the military is based on a number of factors. Those factors often include educational opportunities such as tuition assistance or the GI Bill. However, some do not know other ways the education office can help them fulfill their education goals. "Higher education is highly recommended for career
  • Family readiness a key to mission success

    With Dobbins' mission changing from one of training to operations, servicemembers now need to seriously consider the possibility of an overseas deployment. While training and troop readiness are keys to being successful, servicemembers must also remember to prepare their families as well. Angela Pedersen of the Family Support Center shared some