Reserve Citizen Airman becomes superhero for children

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Matthew Matlock
  • 94th Airlirft Wing Public Affairs

In the bustling hallways of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Tech. Sgt. Chase Molden, a 94th Security Forces Squadron defender, is known for a unique endeavor. Beyond his duties in the Air Force Reserve and his civilian job as an insurance adjuster, Molden has created a comic book aimed at helping hospitalized children and their families understand their medical conditions.

Molden's inspiration stems from his love for comics and his experiences witnessing the struggles of young patients and their families.

"You see a lot of kids who come in hurt, and then you see a lot of panic in parents," Molden said. He noticed a gap in communication between medical professionals and young patients, which sparked the idea for his comic book.

Designed to be educational and engaging, Molden incorporates superheroes who help children understand their medical conditions and treatments. "The whole idea behind what I've created is that we break it down so that the parents understand, and the children can comprehend," Molden explained.

He believes in the power of superheroes and cartoons to connect with children, especially in a hospital setting where they seek comfort and safety. The project started about five years ago and is still going strong. However, it has garnered interest from several healthcare entities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University.

Despite the challenges of self-funding and publishing the comic book on his own, Molden remains committed to his vision.

"I'm the speaking piece," he said, detailing his efforts to pitch the comic book to various organizations to ensure children get the information they need to feel more secure while navigating the unknowns of medical recovery.

Molden's dual roles as a reservist and a hospital employee highlight reservists' diverse contributions to their local areas. "I want to strengthen those bonds because this helps the military in the community," Molden stated.

His goal extends beyond just educating children about health; he aims to instill in them, a sense of resilience, a vital component of healthcare and military values.

As for the future, Molden has big plans for his comic book series, envisioning a dynamic team of characters and stories that address health issues and potentially even reach a collegiate audience.