94th MXG showcases persistent mission generation

  • Published
  • By Maj. Stephani Schafer
  • 94th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Brig. Gen. James “Jim” Hartle, Associate Director of Logistics and Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, visited Dobbins Air Reserve Base from March 1-2, 2024.

Hartle’s visit provided an opportunity for Reserve Citizen Airmen to engage with, receive mentorship from and showcase missions to a senior leader over their respective career fields.

The visit included a 94th Maintenance Group strategic mission brief, which highlighted the capabilities of the 94th Airlift Wing’s eight C-130H Hercules aircraft and a “Torque” implementation brief, which is a software suite to streamline scheduling effectiveness designed by the USAF’s product development and programming team.

“Nothing truly speaks quite as loud as having an executive leader directly impact our members and provide direct lines of communication from [our directorate] regarding the Great Power Competition and how Persistent Mission Generation will be key in the next fight,” said Capt. Paris Krula, 94th Maintenance Squadron Director of Operations. “Brig. Gen. Hartle’s visit exactly what our team needed during such a critical time.”

The 94th MXG also showcased the work Airmen have done to replace the wing’s C-130H propellers with newer, more capable NP2000 propellers. The propeller upgrade is a modernization effort to transform the legacy platform to a future aircraft capable of supporting ready forces and weapons systems to combatant commanders. This upgrade is not only mechanically-focused, however; it also allows Airmen to continue developing the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for and lead in the context of the Great Power Competition and enables the 94th AW to project power across myriad commands.

“With all of the recent news surrounding the changing of the Air Force structure, it was invaluable to have a senior leader like Brig. Gen. Hartle, who is also a Reservist, come and share his perspective and feedback with our Airmen,” said Lt. Col. Randy Gantt, 94th MXG Deputy Commander. “The level of care in and involvement [he displayed] during the visit was a testament to the mettle of our Reserve family and to leaders like Brig. Gen. Hartle.” 

Hartle’s responsibilities include assisting in the USAF’s efforts for organizing, training, and equipping more than 180,000 Total Force Airmen who maintain and support mission generation, materiel management, fuels, vehicle operations and management, deployment and distribution, personal property, traffic management, logistics plans and more. As such, Hartle, who is a Georgia native himself, took ample time to speak with members across the 94th AW, 22nd Air Force and 622nd Civil Engineer Group about their contribution to the mission. His informal discussion with Airmen included leadership topics, the future of the Air Force and Air Force Reserve, particularly given recent discussions centering on reoptimization for the Great Power Competition.

“[It was an honor] to have Brig. Gen. Hartle come to our maintenance group. It makes me feel that our work is valued and worthwhile [for senior leaders to take] time to visit and hear our comments, questions and concerns,” said Senior Airman Sharlene Zavala-Organisciak, 94th Maintenance Operations Control Center Production Controller. “Seeing him in person and learning he came from a maintenance background was truly inspiring.”

To conclude the visit, Hartle took an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of twenty Airmen who stood out as top performers within the 94th MXG.

“This was my first experience interacting with a general officer; I felt appreciated and was genuinely astonished to be recognized. I felt the coining ceremony was great for unit morale and Brig. Gen. Hartle was approachable, caring and easy to talk to,” said Staff Sgt. Chante Foster, 94th MXG Commander Support Staff Administrative Assistant.