94th AW Chaplain Corps Works to Transform Airmen for the Future

  • Published
  • By Maj. Stephani Schafer
  • 94th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 94th Airlift Wing Chaplain Corps is focused on developing Airmen to become more well-rounded, emotionally intelligent leaders and strengthen individuals’ Comprehensive Airman Fitness. 

To do this, the Religious Affairs team hosts training events covering myriad topics including Diversity and Inclusion, Four Lenses personality training, Emotional Intelligence and more. 

Comprehensive Airman Fitness is not only about strengthening members’ resiliency by developing individuals’ mental, physical, social and spiritual “pillars. Oftentimes Airmen are turned off by the spiritual pillar of resiliency because they believe it is only about religion. But spirituality can be much more than religion or even no religion at all; it also encompasses things such as morals, ethics, and quality-of-life. 

Diversity and Inclusion is near and dear to me,” said Senior Master Sgt. Anthony DeVoile, 94th AW Religious Affairs Senior Enlisted Leader. “This is what we do cradle-to-grave in Religious Affairs. We’re trained from day one to have and encourage diversity of thought to best serve all Airmen.  

Earlier in April, the Chaplain Corps hosted Diversity and Inclusion training for 94th Airlift Wing Wing Staff Agencies members. The event was the first of its kind for the wing and is an important part of Air Force Reserve Command Commander Gen. John Healy’s focus to better manage managing Reserve Command’s human capital. 

The Air Force’s D&I curriculum describes diversity as a collective mixture of differences AND similarities that are applied in pursuit of organizational objectives. This includes a composition of individual characteristics, experiences and abilities consistent with the Air Force mission and core values.  

Inclusion, in the curriculum, is defined as the way an organization configures opportunity, interaction, communication and decision-making to utilize the potential of its diversity. 

In short, D&I training teaches members that inclusion makes diversity work and leverages the resources that diversity brings. 

When leaders don’t achieve diversity of thought, diversity of personality, diversity of background, emotional intelligence, et cetera on their teams, it can cause hesitation for our members to fully participate,” DeVoile continued. “These tools help our leaders get to know our individuals, to instill a sense of courage for leaders to have difficult conversations, to encourage differences and determine how they can help us transform for the future.” 

Diversity & Inclusion is not the only training opportunity the Religious Affairs team offers. 

Another event the team hosted this year was Four Lenses training for the 94th Aeromedical Staging Squadron.  

Four Lenses is a personality temperament model that helps individuals identify and define their personality spectrum. When completed in group settings, participants can discover aspects of their own personality, logic, and communication styles and use that to better understand and communicate within their work and personal environments.  

“Ultimately, the purpose of our training opportunities is to help members become the most successful leaders they can be,” said Ch., Maj. John Rollyson, 94th Airlift Wing Chaplain. “It is not only about religion; it is about training and equipping Airmen to help each other through difficulties and challenges they may not even be aware of.” 

For more information about the training and resources the Religious Affairs team offers, contact the 94th Airlift Wing Chaplain Corps at 678-655-2427.