Airman of the Month: Staff Sgt. Crystal Ford

  • Published
  • By SSgt. Gage Daniel
  • 94th Airlift Wing

Name: Crystal Ford

Unit: 94 AW/CP

Official Duty Title: Training Manager

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Time in service: 5 ½ years

Time at Dobbins: 5 ½ years

Goals: My current goal is to be the best training manager I can be for the command post. My long-term goal is to become a special agent for the FBI for counter-terrorism or violent crimes.

Hobbies: I used to figure skater. I currently love running, volunteering at a cat shelters, and I have an online business.

94th Airlift Wing priority portrayed and why: I am currently filling in as the training manager for the Command Post. I hope to be able to help run the Command Post and help teach and welcome other airmen as we gain them. I enjoy helping others and working as a team.

Thought / quote / motto you live or lead by IN YOUR OWN WORDS: One of my mottos is to treat others how you would want to be treated. I try to be as helpful and welcoming as possible to promote a great working environment. Also, I believe in trying your best and not always expecting perfection. I used to be a perfectionist, but I realized that we all start somewhere. Since we are human, mistakeS are bound to happen. As long as we learn from them and no-one died, it will be okay!

What's something other people wouldn't know about you (that you don't mind
sharing publicly):

•I love traveling!!!! I have been to over half of the states In the U.S and to for deployment Kuwait ( stopped off Ireland and Germany).

•I have an online business. It started off as a hobby and now I must file it in my taxes.

•My mom was a marathon runner who worked on Wallstreet.

•Both of my grandfathers served in the Military.

•My partner is planning to become a Navy Seal.