Air Force adds wear of tactical OCP caps

  • Published
  • By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Wear of some tactical OCP caps is authorized while the Air Force continues the acquisition process to complete this new uniform item. Although these updates took effect in June 2020, tactical OCP caps are not yet available through all AAFES locations. They may be purchased at the AAFES Exchange at Dobbins when supplies are in stock.

Current tactical OCP caps may be worn if they are made entirely of OCP material or OCP material with a coyote brown mesh back. No other colors or combinations are authorized. The Velcro or sew-on spice brown name tape will be worn centered on the back of the caps. The only item authorized for wear on the front of the cap is rank for officers.

Officers will wear either pinned, sewn or Velcro spice brown rank insignia centered ½ inch on the front of the cap on an OCP background. Air Force first lieutenants and lieutenant colonels will wear black rank. Velcro on the hat should not exceed the size of the insignia. Chaplains may wear the chaplain occupational badge sewn-on and centered ½ inch above the visor.

Enlisted members will not wear rank insignia or a subdued flag on the cap, only a name tape on the back of the cap is authorized. The front of the cap must not have any Velcro or other items.

In addition, females are authorized to pull their bun or ponytail through the back of the tactical OCP cap.

Once the acquisition process is complete for the new uniform item, which is expected to take approximately a year, all other caps will be unauthorized.

At this time, Guardians will adhere to the uniform standards of the U.S. Air Force until the U.S. Space Force develops its own policy.

Note: Theater commanders prescribe the dress and personal appearance standards in the theater of operations.