Dobbins ARB transitions to HPCON-C (Charile)

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Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga. -- Dobbins Air Reserve Base has directed Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Charlie, effective August 18, to combat the spread of COVID-19 across the Department of the Air Force and our local communities.

HPCON Charlie measures include the following actions:

- Continue essential missions with required manning. Installation operations will be commensurate with federal, state and local guidelines; installation commanders will determine the installation’s essential missions and required manning in coordination with mission partners.

- Limit access to installation for official business

- Telework is authorized; contact your supervisor and chain of command for direction

- Maximize Microsoft Teams and VTC systems for meetings (limit in-person meetings, socials and mass gatherings)

- Wear mask while indoors and adhere to strict hygiene (no hand-shaking, frequent hand-washing, clean common-use items)

- Establish a single point of access to work areas and or facilities and establish contract tracing sign-in sheets with temperature checks

- Base customer services will remain open, but will have limited access and services:

  • Base Exchange: Open, in-person shoppers limited to fewer than normal at the same time
  • Outdoor Recreation: Appointment only
  • Info Tickets & Travel; Appointment only
  • Gym: Open, limited hours and in-person guests limited to fewer than normal at the same time
  • Lodging: Limited to mission essential guests. Closed to space available guests including retirees
  • Consolidated Club: Open to call-in orders only
  • Landing: Closed

For questions please contact the following personnel:

-              CEM: EdD, Eric Stere, 655-3818,

-              PHEO: Lt Col Fletcher, 655-4995,

-              Alternate PHEO: Lt Col James Martin, 655-9659,

-              Base Bioenvironmental/Public Health: Dr. Irobi, 655-5084,

-              Civilian Personnel: David Pritchard, 655-5036;