Dobbins ARB mask wear guidance

  • Published
  • By Lt Col Oclla Fletcher
  • Public Health Emergency Officer, 94th Airlift Wing

From the 94 AW Public Health Emergency Officer:

Dobbins ARB mask wear guidance:

1. All individuals on DoD property, installations (Dobbins ARB) and facilities are required to wear a cloth face covering when they cannot maintain six feet of physical distance in public areas or work centers.
2. All cloth face coverings should cover the mouth and nose and fit snugly. Exhalation valves are not permitted.
3. Face coverings should be conservative, professional and in keeping with dignity and respect.
In military uniform or civilian work attire:
     - No political messages
     - No American flag motifs (not allowed, per US flag code)
     - For those in military uniform: No sports logos/team themed face coverings (civilian employees not in uniform exempt)

     *The intent is for those in a military uniform not to resemble a walking billboard, advertisement, or message board.

4. For face coverings, no specific colors or materials are mandated by Air Force policy. However, those in a military uniform are restricted to subdued solid colors and/or only subtle patterns.

In all cases, remember to maintain a professional appearance at all times.

BLUF: Face masks with exhalation or vent valves are not authorized. Masks with this feature are not all sufficiently effective. A tight fitting, cloth mask is required for personnel on Dobbins ARB.

Per CDC guidance, the face masks with one-way exhalation or vent valves provide functional air filtering in one direction. As you inhale, the incoming air is filtered. As you exhale, the outgoing air mixture, including COVID-19 viral particles, are released unfiltered and can allow virus particles to escape.

BLUF: Neck gaiters are not recommended at this time. Preferred masks should cover the mouth and nose and fit snugly. Exhalation valves are not permitted.
CDC evaluation of gaiter materials and structure is on-going.

For information or to leave a message for the PHEO, please call the COVID-19 Hotline at 678-655-CVID (2843).