Telework Policy, Mission Essential Personnel and Restriction of Movement during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE)

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25 March 2020



SUBJECT: Telework Policy, Mission Essential Personnel and Restriction of Movement during COVID-19
Public Health Emergency (PHE)
1. Earlier today, I declared a PHE for Dobbins ARB, GA. As part of that declaration, installation
access will be impacted. This order is being placed in effect to minimize the spread of or exposure
to COVID-19. Accordingly, it is my intent that commanders and supervisors use telework to the
maximum extent practicable to minimize the spread of or exposure to COVID-19 for the Dobbins ARB
personnel who, due to the nature of their jobs, cannot telework IAW government policies.

2. Supervisors and employees should expect and understand that, in this unprecedented time, daily
tasks may not continue as normal, whether working remotely or at your normal duty location.
Accordingly, commanders and supervisors must determine “mission essential personnel” (MEP) specific
to COVID-19 who are necessary to maintain required base services, mission essential operations and
activities. This MEP list must be approved by me prior to allowing entry onto Dobbins ARB, GA. If
approved, mission essential personnel will be directed by their commanders to physically report to
Dobbins AR, GA to accomplish their duties. Commanders and supervisors shall direct all other
applicable personnel to begin telework. Commanders and supervisors shall identify all other
employees whose jobs are not telework appropriate to be placed in the appropriate leave status.

3. For ARTs and Civilians, MEP list has been established and your supervisor will inform you of
your status and proposed schedule. Employees deemed as non-MEP will be placed on telework, be
placed on administrative leave (Weather and Safety) status or be utilized using a combination of
these statuses as appropriate. Please note that during this period, regardless of your status, you
are subject to being recalled to work at the base at any time. Please coordinate with your
supervisor if you desire to take any form of leave. Administrative Leave will be equitably
distributed among all eligible members through scheduling to reduce the staffing footprint within
the facility. If you do have questions about this way forward, please contact the Civilian
Personnel Office at 678-655-5036.

4. Accountability: All individuals must account for themselves and their dependents in their
service’s accountability system and via their immediate supervisor and/or as directed. Please
ensure your supervisor has your current contact information.

5. If any member of the 94 AW tests positive for COVID-19, they MUST notify their respective chain
of command immediately. Leadership will notify 94 AW BEPH office at 678-655-5781 or 678-414-9782 or
contact 94 AW PHEO, Lt Col Fletcher @ 678-655-5524 or 850-368-0126 to ensure appropriate action,
tracking and reporting requirements are met.

6.   Access to the base will be controlled by 94th Security Forces Squadron based on the MEP list
and you will be denied access to base if you are not placed on the MEP list. Contact your chain of
command for any questions regarding your Unit MEP requirements.

7. Applicable to EVERYONE: If you are sick, have cough, fever or are experiencing other symptoms of
COVID-19, stay home and contact your primary care medical provider or local urgent care center.

If you are experiencing symptoms for COVID-19, stay home and contact your medical provider. If you
are asymptomatic but believe you have been exposed to the virus, isolate yourself and contact your
supervisor for instructions. In all cases, notify and coordinate your status with your supervisor.
Continue to practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer, wiping down
and sanitizing surfaces daily, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing and maintain social
distancing of 6 feet apart as these are paramount to minimize the transmission of COVID-19.

8. The 94 AW leadership is committed to taking care of Airmen and families while executing
readiness and mission essential operations. This is an ultra-dynamic environment with guidance
changes occurring at a rapid rate. All Dobbins members are encouraged to check Dobbins ARB social
media channels and website for updates. If you have questions, please work through your chain of
command. I appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times. We will
survive this crisis. We are DOBBINS STRONG!