CC Message: Relaxed hair length grooming standards

  • Published
  • By Col. Craig McPike, Commander
  • 94th Airlift Wing

94AW Team,


Our grooming and fitness standards are part of the bedrock of our professionalism and are not only important internally to our force, but convey a sense of trust and honor to the American public we serve.  As our current challenge progresses, we will be increasingly called upon to support civil authorities and do our part in the national response to protect Americans, take care of Airmen, and provide combat ready forces.  As we do so, it is important that we continue to maintain and convey that sense of trust and comfort to the public.  We realize our current situation requires us all to physically distance and adopt health practices that may limit access to barbershops, hair salons, and fitness centers.


In response to potential health risks and social distancing guidelines, the 94AW will temporarily relax male and female hair length grooming standards contained in AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance Standards of Air Force Personnel, until 30 May unless rescinded earlier.


This relaxation applies to the length and bulk standards to accommodate for limited access and risks associated with visiting hair salons, barber shops, or other facilities at this time. All other standards related to sideburns, facial hair and hairstyles remain in effect.  Shaving and other standards associated with dress and appearance remain in place.

Commanders have the authority to deviate from hair grooming standards as needed to ensure the health and safety of our service members and families.  Deviation should be done within reason and should in no way inhibit our ability to perform our duties, wear proper uniforms and head gear professionally, or prevent the use of protective or safety equipment. 


Waiver source, AFPC Field Communication #66 – 31 Mar 20, AFPC/CC


For 94AW; In effect until 30 May unless rescinded earlier.