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AA Air Force Essay

Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., -- The navy sails the seven seas, while the lands are marched upon by the armies of the world. But the sky... The sky, in stark contrast to the land and oceans, is unbounded, and it is home to one of the world's most powerful organizations: The Air Force.

You may reflect much upon the fighting on the seas and on the land, but the air forces of the world are just as important, if not more. It amazes one to think of the magnitude of the aerial battles that take place.

Now, the reasons for such battles are almost countless. All of these reasons come from the wide-ranging assortment of aircraft themselves. First and foremost are fighters; these airborne beauties are used to wipe out other aircraft in the midst of warfare and provide defensive cover against bombers. Second are the aforementioned bombers and attack aircraft, which are used to inflict colossal damage on selected targets. As the soldiers attack the adversary on foot, the bombers and attack aircraft assault them while they are paying attention to the battle below. Third are reconnaissance aircraft, which
work by spying on enemies.

The first air force was the Aviation Militaire, founded by the French army
In 1910, which was later changed to L' Armee de L' Air. The same models used by the French were used by the British Empire against Germany and by Italy in World War 1, and today, the former happens to have a considerably potent air force. The first autonomous air force, however, was the Finnish Air Force, founded and created on March 6, 1918.

The air forces of the world have had major impacts on what they have attacked. In World War II, Pearl Harbor took a colossal hit from Japan. Four years later, in August of 1945, the American Air Force hit both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This not only killed thousands with the detonation, but it also killed countless others afterward with the spread of leukemia from the radiation.

The Air Force of America is in a new brawl today. At the moment, it struggles in a battle alongside the army and navy against Iraq. The outcome, however, is still uncertain.