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Air Show thrills crowd during AF Week Atlanta

PEACH TREE CITY, Ga. -- As part of the Air Force's 60th Anniversary celebration Georgia Airmen teamed with the 10th Annual Great Georgia Air Show Oct. 13-14 to showcase air power and heritage at the Falcon Field airport here.

The show was also part of Air Force Week Atlanta, which was one of six cities in the United States to participate in Air Force Week Oct. 8-12.  The show not only celebrated 60 years of air and space power, but also the 100th year of aviation in Georgia.

The air show featured some incredible displays and aircrafts from every era of aviation. Audience members only had to look up in the skies to be entertained with the loops, dips and jumps from the various aerial acts.

The Air Force was able to highlight a variety of their best to include the U.S. Air Force Academy Wings of Blue Jump Team, a flyby of the C-17, C-130 demonstrated assault landings and the F-16 Viper East Demo Team, which burned up the skies.

No spectator was left wanting more. The show wowed the crowd with biplanes, The Flying Farmer and even a jet truck quipped with a jet engine that could catapult it in excess of 300 miles per hour to name a few.

Every corner of the air field, currently home to 175 planes based at the airport, was filled with static displays, food, games and even a hot air balloon that offered spectators a short air ride into the air and back down.

Every military service was represented; veteran groups, civic organizations and more filled the airport with their static displays.

The USAF Drill Team impressed the crowd with their precision and techniques offering a show of the Air Forces' best.

The weather cooperated too allowing for three days of sun and fun for anyone who attended the event.

A milestone for aviation, the Air Force and the 10th anniversary for The Great Georgia Air Show offered it all for any aviation enthusiast.