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AFSO 21 kicks off at Dobbins ARB

DOBBINS AIR RESERVE BASE, Ga. -- Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO21) is a standard approach to improve work processes and improve combat capabilities across the Air Force.

AFSO21 fosters an Air Force culture of continuous process improvement - doing the tasks we've already been doing smarter and with fewer resources. Elimination of waste (nonessential tasks) and streamlining of processes can generate savings needed to recapitalize the Air Force. Airmen at all levels can get involved in AFSO21.

AFSO21's Five Desired Effects guide improvement initiatives at every Air Force level to meet warfighter demands. They are: 

· Increase productivity 

· Increase critical equipment availability 

· Improve response time and agility 

· Sustain safe and reliable operations 

· Improve energy efficiency

AFSO21 initiatives come in every size and scope. Some are very complicated, with multiple processes at a variety of levels. Others are much simpler. Some easy applications of the AFSO21 mind set include: 

· Sending out an agenda before a meeting so all participants can come prepared to discuss the stated issues 

· Cross checking various checklists to remove redundant items 

· Streamlining aircraft, vehicle and building inspections to minimize wasted movement/effort