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A 'lotto' luck

  • Published
  • By Erin Tindell
  • Public Affairs
Many people dream of one day winning the lottery so they can buy a new car, go on a trip, or if  they are really lucky, retire early and buy a huge mansion. For one civilian here that dream became a reality. 

Shirley Devlin, the military pay supervisor with the 94th Finance Office, correctly matched the first five numbers in an Aug. 14 multiple-state lottery drawing and won the $250,000 cash prize. The odds for doing so are 1 in 3.9 million. 

Despite the odds, Shirley still decided to purchase some lotto tickets as she normally does each weekend. "I play a couple numbers every weekend. I have never won anything big," she said.

The morning after the drawing, she checked for the winning numbers and then immediately had her husband verify the numbers and the ticket. Sure enough, she had won.  Then Ms. Devlin, who ensures military members receive their paychecks, was presented with her own check for $250,000.

The winnings were an early retirement present since Ms. Devlin is due to retire soon after nearly 25 years of civil service. 

"This money will pay off the bills, and we will buy a new 'retirement' car," she said. "I'll put some away and work on the house. Maybe give the kids a little."