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Base recycling changes

  • Published
  • By Gina Rose
  • 94 MSG/CEV
Due to HQ AFRC and AF requirements, numerous changes have taken place regarding the Base Recycling services.

Good News! We are still working with the same NISH Work Center, Tommy Nobis Enterprises, so the faces you are familiar with have not changed.

The REST of the news: Service has been reduced and consolidated.

1. The Base Recycling Center will now only be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am until 4:00pm. The center can be opened on Mondays or Fridays for special drop off requests from shops/offices by contacting 94 MSG/CEV at 678-655-5264 or 678-655-4781 at least 48 hours in advance of the request.

2. ALL REQUESTS must be made through the Contracting Officer's Representative, 94 MSG/CEV 678-655-5264. Do NOT make any requests directly to any employees of the Contractor.

3. Requests for special pickup service, containers, etc. must be made through the Facility Manager.

4. Personnel are expected to transfer quantities of recyclables to the Recycling Center themselves, whenever the quantities exceed the container storage of the facility and pickup has already occurred that week. Large pickup requests for excessive cardboard or wood, or for end-of-year boxed files, will be honored. One week advance notice is required for special pickups.

5. Privacy Act paper shredding service is limited to those offices that generate large quantities of Privacy Act protected information documents but do not have their own shredders. Most offices have their own shredders. Shredded or pulverized paper will be collected for recycling as long as it is bagged and placed in the designated paper recycling container in the facility.

6. Plastic/glass/metal food and beverage containers are no longer collected in facilities.

7. Plastic (including: containers, Compact Discs, plastic bags, shrink wrap, and any other plastics), glass and Styrofoam are no longer recycled on base, and will not be accepted at the Recycling Center. To find your nearest recycling center that does accept these materials, go to

8. Aluminum soda cans and steel food cans (rinsed free of food) may still be brought to the Recycling Center in clear bags. Any office or shop that wishes to continue collecting aluminum cans may do so as long as they furnish their own bags, clean their own collection containers, and transfer the cans to the Recycling Center themselves.

9. Paper containers are being consolidated. Most facilities will have at least one large centrally located container for paper products. Facility managers will determine if the smaller containers with blue lids will remain where they are (as long as facility personnel are willing to empty them into the larger consolidation container) or if these containers need to be picked up. Facility managers are to contact 94 MSG/CEV 678-655-5264 for assistance. Small deskside containers may still be used by personnel as long as they empty those themselves as needed into the bigger centrally located container.

10. Cardboard and small battery collection will continue to be picked up as they currently are now.

11. Large vehicle-type batteries will be taken to the Recycling Center Bldg 560 instead of Transportation Bldg 516 starting 1 May.

All questions, requests or concerns regarding this service contract and these changes are to be addressed to Gina Rose, 94 MSG/CEV.