New Dobbins military spouse group

  • Published
  • By Donna Bridges

The Dobbins Military Spouse Group is a newly chartered private organization founded by local spouses of Airmen assigned to Dobbins.  One of its main purposes is to build a closer sense of camaraderie and community on a personal level among local military families.  The group is looking to recruit new members and is open to spouses of all military branches stationed here.

The group aims to have military families engaging in events and building relationships.  Some of those opportunities include events both on the base and in the community, connecting through peer-to-peer networking, helping with fundraising opportunities, and even play dates.  With focus on events in the community such as Six Flags military recognition and local professional sports teams’ military appreciation events, the groups plans to have fun while also building resiliency through family connections.  This group has its own mission of connecting hearts and minds through purposeful engagement.

“Our desire is for this organization to grow into a group of spouses who are dedicated, hard-working, and motivated,” said Rebekah Beaver, DMSG president. We know how precious and valuable time is for a military spouse. Because of this, we are looking for those individuals who are passionate about making sure the families of our service members are cared for appropriately. It’s about building our own family extension just like the brotherhood service members share.”

They will be present at Dobbins Family Day and will be providing more information on their purpose, membership and enrollment, as well as upcoming spouse group meetings and fun events.

For more information, you can contact this organization via email at or ask to join their Facebook page by searching Dobbins Military Spouse Group.