Contact Info

94th Equal Opportunity
& Alternative Dispute Resolution
Capt. Bogan, EO Director/ADR Manager
Capt. Brown, Deputy EO Director
Tech. Sgt. Conyers, EO Specialist/NCOIC
Tech. Sgt. Nix, EO Specialist
Staff Sgt. Nesmith, EO Specialist
Staff Sgt .Jessica Coleman, EO Specialist

Phone Numbers
DSN 625-5042

1430 First Street
Bldg 838, RM 1128
Dobbins ARB, GA 30069

7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday and UTA Weekends

Equal Opportunity Office

Our Mission: To enhance mission effectiveness by assisting leadership at all levels in conducting Equal Opportunity programs, Human Relations Education and training, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services.

Our Goals: To foster an environment in which everyone can rise to the highest possible level based on merit, fitness, and capability; as well as maintain a trusted utilized channel for presenting allegations of unlawful discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, (in addition to age, physical and mental disability, and reprisal actions for civilians), and sexual harassment.

Our Customers: Military members, family members of active duty personnel, retired personnel, current and former Department of Defense civilian employees, and applicants.

Capt. Bogan Capt. Rebecca Brown Tech. Sgt. Richard Conyers Tech. Sgt. Jeff Nix Staff Sgt. Jessica Coleman Staff Sgt. Dalia Nesmith
Capt. Darrell Bogan Capt. Rebecca Brown

Tech. Sgt. Richard Conyers

Tech. Sgt. Jeff Nix Staff Sgt. Jessica Coleman Staff Sgt. Dalia Nesmith

Services & Training Rendered

Military complaints of discrimination may be reported based on race, color, national origin, religion, and sex. Civilian complaints of discrimination may be reported based on age (40+), physical/mental disabilities, reprisal, race, color, national origin, religion, and sex to the EO office within 45 days of occurrence or personnel action.

An Equal Opportunity and Treatment Incident (EOTI) is an overt act motivated by, or has overtones of, unlawful discrimination. Incident clarifications help the commander determine if an alleged incident negatively impacts the base's human relations climate.

Biennial requirement for military units with 50+ members or upon Commanders' request. Assesses human relations climate and identifies positive & negative factors impacting the mission.

A process used to gather EO and human relations-associated information affecting base personnel, to include visits to individual units, base facilities and off-base establishments.

30-minute mandatory briefing for all military and full-time DoD civilians newly assigned as a second or subsequent permanent change of station. Informs about DoD and Air Force policies and programs related to EO. Orientation should be accomplished within the first UTA of the newcomer's arrival.

2.5 hour mandatory briefing for military and DOD civilians at their first permanent duty station. Provides in-depth lesson of EO issues and rights of complainant. Civilians must attend within 30 duty-days of arrival. Military must attend within 3 UTA's of arrival.

Upon commanders' request. Focuses on sexual harassment awareness including strategies for preventing and addressing work place harassment.

Upon commanders' request. Provide tools necessary to understand that cultural differences exist and are vital to mission accomplishment.

Familiarize commanders, first sergeants, command chief master sergeants, and others in key positions, of local human relations climates and the wing's EO programs.