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Suzanne Appenzeller and Lisa Crossman, of the Honorary Commanders Association, look on as Tech. Sgt. Mickey Smith from the 94th Operation Support Squadron Life Support shop, explains night vision goggles. The demonstration covered the different ways pilots use night vision, how they recognize terrain features and infrared signals. The Honorary Commanders Association visited base March 20 for at tour of the Air Force Reserve mission of the 94th Airlift Wing. This is one of several tours and trips the group will experience throughout the year as they learn more about the people and mission of the Air Force Reserve and sister services. Not in the dark

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John C. Truesdell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Reserve Affairs, spoke to members of the 94th Airlift Wing here during a recent visit to Dobbins. Mr. Truesdell gave a global snapshot from a career military man's perspective and spoke on the Global War on Terror and how the total force was responding to increased operations tempo. He also spoke about the ways the military has transformed in the 20th and 21st century and how the Air Force Guard and Reserve not only fits into that. 

"There are a lot of laws and policies and practices that are barriers to transformation, to changing the way we do things. We are knocking some of those down," Mr. Truesdell said.(U.S. Air Force photo/Don Peek.)
Truesdell visit

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Staff Sgt. Rod Washington of the 94th Airlift Wing, stands sentry outside of tent B-2 in "Bravo Sector" of the "deployed" location used for a recent operational readiness exercise. The exercise gave Airmen an opportunity to put the Airman's Manual into practice and work together in a "deployed" environment.  At the ORE
I came equipped. I had my laptop. I had my camera. I was ready to be a "PA warrior," or as we call ourselves somewhat sarcastically, a "DINFOS trained killer." But, I found out rather quickly that while the pen is mightier than the sword, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons trump them both and an Airman's best friend is his manual and a good
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Lt. Col. Loretta Jackson Brown, center, chief nurse at the 94th Aeromedical Staging Squadron, was recently named Southeast vice president of the American Nephrology Nurses? Association (ANNA). Big step for Dobbins chief nurse
Lt. Col. Loretta Jackson Brown, a reservist and chief nurse at the 94th Aeromedical Staging Squadron here, was recently elected as the Southeast vice president of the American Nephrology Nurses' Association (ANNA) for 2008 thru 2010. Colonel Brown's nursing experience includes 10 years of active duty nursing in the Air Force. She has served at
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A member of the Kentucky Air National Guard looks over a load of supplies, consisting of 162 flood clean up kits which include: Five gallon buckets with lids, respirators, goggles, gloves, coveralls, boot covers, brushes and environmentally-friendly germicidal wipes were donated by the U.S. Agency for International Development. In addition to the clean up kits, 9,000 alcohol pads, 2,250 biohazard waste bags and 9,000 disposable vinyl gloves will be delivered aboard the aircraft. The mission was coordinated by U.S. Southern Command?s Humanitarian Assistance-Disaster Preparedness/Response Team who worked with other federal agencies to coordinate the delivery of the supplies to Ecuador. (U.S. Air Force photo/Don Peek)
SOUTHCOM, Kentucky ANG partner to ship aid to Ecuador
A complex coordination effort has resulted in a U.S. Air Force cargo plane load of relief supplies being sent to victims of flooding in Ecuador. This shipment will provide much needed supplies to Ecuadorian authorities in their efforts to help those affected by the natural disasters in that country. The flight is scheduled to arrive in Manta,
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Mr. Hiram A. Little, one of the original Tuskegee Airmen visited Dobbins Air Reserve Base Friday, and is stopped for a picture with Andrea Lard, and Lt. Col. Marshall Irvin, of the 94th Mission Support Group here. Mr. Little installed and maintained weapons systems on fighter aircraft and later became a navigator-bombardier as a crew member and flight officer on the B-25 Bomber, assigned to the 477th Bomber Group. Mr. little is one of several Tuskegee Airmen who live in the region and continue to support programs and activities on Dobbins Air Reserve Base. The building this picture was taken in is one block away from the base's own "Tuskegee Airmen Avenue." U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Micah Garbarino) Visit from a legend

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Georgia Secretary of State, Karen Handel, spoke to a group of military members during a visit sponsored by the 94th Airlift Wing's Military Equal Opportunity office for Women's History Month. The secretary spoke about the equality of women in the workplace and how the military has been a leader in that area. State visit honors women
When she walks down the halls of the capitol, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel may wear a skirt and sport new earrings, but she's not there to be a woman in a man's chair, she's there to be a legislator, working for the citizenry of her state. "Most people take me as a no-nonsense legislator," she said recently during a Women's History Month
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Senior Master Sgt. Patrick Sheirling of the 94th Civil Engineer Readiness flight, assists two wing members as they get a refresher on donning their chemical warfare gear. Wing members were bused to a mini tent city where they went through two days of chemical warfare and Self Aid Buddy Care training to keep up readiness and prepare for the upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection. Wing following Air Force focus on readiness
Selected members from the 94th Airlift Wing participated in a mass training exercise on Feb. 2-3, in order to better prepare for the upcoming Operational Readiness inspection in August. But, as revealed a couple of months ago, there is a more important reason to make sure the wing's readiness level is high. The 94th AW will convert from a domestic
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Lt. Col. Marshall Irvin, 94th Mission Support Group commander trainee, inspired the crowd gathered for Dobbins' Black History Month Breakfast, Feb. 19. Colonel Irvin and W.D. Godfrey, chief of civilian personnel, filled in on short notice and provided reflection and inspiration fitting for the occasion. About 75 people attended the annual event where the topics focused on black history and how it played a part in the growth of Atlanta, the Air Force and Dobbins. (Air Force photo/Don Peek) Black History Breakfast

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It takes a group effort to move these big tents. Members from the 80th Aerial Delivery Squadron, 700th Airlift Squadron, 94th Civil Engineer, 94th Security Forces, 94th Mission Support Group and Mission Support Squadron joined forces to set up tents that will be used for Saturday's practice for the Operational Readiness Inspection. The tents will be used to practice and prepare for the upcoming inspection. Units will come to the dead runway for training in Self Aid Buddy Care, UXOs, MOPP training, chemical warfare and more. The day will evaluate Airmen on their skills and knowledge in these areas preparing them for the tests that lie ahead. These practices will be done monthly leading up to the ORI. Ready, Set, Go!

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